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Hummus Pods

Modern Pod Raises $2M

Published in: Project Nosh

Hummus appetizer brand Modern Pod Co. raised $2 million in a Series A fundraising round. Modern Pod launched in 2017 out of Food Innovation Nexus, an incubator from Johnson and Wales University, with an innovative take on a frozen appetizer: a flavored hummus encapsulated in bite-sized, multigrain shells. Now the brand can be found in more than 2,500 stores nationwide including Whole Foods Market, Kroger, Ralph’s, King… read more

On-The-Go Hummus Pods are Popping Up in Providence

Published in: Rhode Island Monthly

The Modern Pod Company, based in Providence, is a young and growing company that has created a way to take hummus on the go without a need for a plate, utensils or cumbersome containers… read more

Gamma Innovation Award Finalist:
Hummus Goes Hand Held

Published in: Gamma Innovation

This new pod format could be a game-changer for in-vogue hummus.


Spotted on Shelves

Published in: Hungry Girl

Just when we thought hummus couldn’t get any better... read more

Catering to Consumers

Published in: Packaging Strategies

New launches in the snack category keep coming—with unique flavors and ingredients to grab consumers’ interest... read more

Hummus Pods Mean You'll Never Have to Dip Again

Published in: Genius Kitchen

Are your legs sore from going to the bread aisle, only to realize that the hummus is all the way on the other side of the grocery store? Are your wrists aching from constantly dipping? If so, the Modern Pod Company has just the thing for you!... read more

Vegan Hummus Pod Snacks Expand to Grocery Stores Nationwide

Published in: Live Kindly

Hummus Pods, the signature plant-based and vegan hummus-filled pockets created by The Modern Pod Company, are set to expand across the United States... read more

Hummus Pods® Accelerate Nationwide

Published in: Boston Herald 

The Modern Pod Company is delighted to announce expanding distribution across the country for its flagship Hummus Pod® program... read more

Hummus Pods Are The Vegan Pizza Roll Substitute You Need In Your Life

Published in: FoodBeast

Pizza rolls are the beloved savory snack food of our youth. As we grow and look for healthier foods, though, items like these often get left in our past, especially as the world moves towards eating more plant-based foods... read more

Modern Pod Company finds success with Hummus Pods

Published in: Bake Magazine

Just over a year ago, The Modern Pod Company launched a product innovation known as Hummus Pods... read more

Meet the Hummus Pod

Published in: Hannaford Fresh Magazine

Finding a convenient, healthy snack that tastes great is no easy task... read more

Hummus Pods Expands National Distribution

Published in: Project Nosh

The Modern Pod Company announces that Hummus Pods® — a daring new hummus “snacketizer” — is now available in even more natural and conventional stores, coast to coast...   read more

The Modern Pod is Bringing Innovation to the Hummus Snack Category

Published in: trendhunter.com

Hummus snacks became popularized as healthy source of fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals...   read more

The Modern Pod Company Launches Hummus Pods Nationwide!

Published in: Project Nosh

PROVIDENCE, R.I.– The Modern Pod Company announces that Hummus Pods™, a daring new hummus “snacketizer” will now be available nationwide...   read more

Hummus Pods™ Selected as Project Nosh Staff Pick at Natural Products Expo East


ColonaryConcepts Sells Its Novel Colonoscopy Prep

Published in: Business Wire   Author: Joan E. Kureczka

ColonaryConcepts, LLC today announced the sale of its proprietary colonoscopy preparation assets to an undisclosed specialty pharmaceutical company that specializes in gastrointestinal health...   read more

If you’ve avoided colonoscopies because of the icky prep, help may be on the way.

Published in: The Washington Post    Author: Marlene Cimons

In a sense, children have had it better than grown-ups when it comes to patient-friendly care...   read more

RIP for the dreaded colonoscopy drink?

Published in: CNN.com    Author: Jacqueline Howard

(CNN)When it comes to undergoing a colonoscopy, a screening test for colon cancer, many patients agree that the preparation is the worst part...   read more

Colonoscopy prep may be getting less horrible

Published in: New York Daily News    Author: Joe Dziemianowicz

The worst thing about having a colonoscopy isn't when you're sedated and your doc scopes you where the sun don't shine...   read more

Novel Colonoscopy Prep is Poised to Improve Screening Rates

Published in: Oncology Nurse Advisor    
Author: Jason Hoffman, PharmD, RPh

Edible colon preparation (ECP) was found to be at least as effective and safe as currently available colonoscopy preparation formulations, and it was preferred with high satisfaction...   read more

Purgative Meals for Colonoscopy Prep

Published in: Today's Geriatric Medicine   Author: Jamie Santa Cruz

Patients routinely complain that bowel preparation prior to a colonoscopy is a substantial turnoff, but a new alternative to traditional preparation methods has emerged on the horizon. Researchers from ... read more

PEG 3350-containing bars, beverages an effective new approach to bowel prep for colonoscopy

Published in: Healio

The randomized, colonoscopist-blinded trial ended after 65 patients completed their colonoscopy, and more than 90% of those who consumed the novel ColonaryConcepts bowel prep regimen 24 hours before colonoscopy had ‘excellent’ or ‘good’ endoscopic visibility... read more

ColonaryConcepts Announces First Patient Enrolled in Landmark Gastroenterologist-Designed Colon-Prep Phase 2 Study

Published in: Digital Journal   Author: MarketWired

ColonaryConcepts, LLC, a biotechnology company focused on breakthrough technology platforms that promote gastrointestinal health, announced the first patient enrolled in the landmark gastroenterologist-designed Colon Prep Phase 2 clinical trial...   read more


Food Innovation Nexus Sees Work Come to Fruition

Published in: Project Nosh   Author: Carol Ortenberg

As college students have become more focused on their pre-professional preparation, looking to everything from internships to dorm room startups, universities have increasingly become more creative in the services and opportunities they offer to attract top talent...
read more